Our natural spring inspectors scour the depths to make sure everything stays real clean.*
Who needs to travel half-way around the globe for bottled water when we tap into some of world's finest natural spring water right here at home?

We fill our 100 percent-recyclable bottles with the stuff of life: clear, pristine, dazzling water from a local, super-deep spring in Lafayette, Wisconsin. Our water boasts natural minerals and contains no harmful chemicals. Unlike some bottled water companies, we never, ever fill our bottles from the tap. Our water is fresh, like you!

For you geology nuts, a bit more about the Lafayette Spring: its sandstone is super old - 500 million years old to be precise. It's pretty, too. Made up of quartz crystal, the spring reaches 2 miles deep into the hillside.

Over a mile of high-grade stainless steel pipe carries water from the Spring to our bottles. Then, a state-of-the-art ozone disinfecting system is used on every bottle as it is sealed.
Who needs to travel half-way across the world for bottled water when we tap into some of world's finest natural water right here at home? Not Jay and especially not you.


Why Buy Local?
Don’t you just get the warm fuzzies when you do your part and buy local? Me, too.
You can feel good that we’re a Midwestern company, sourcing our water from a pristine, local spring, and serving it fresh to customers in our own backyard. Why does this matter?

Plenty of economic arguments get behind the buy-local idea. In short, it infuses more money into our community’s economy. A bunch of research shows that local companies are more likely to buy from local suppliers, hire local workers, and use other locally-based services (like our super smart tax guy and brilliant web designer).

When you buy local, your greenbacks stay here, instead of getting funneled to some corporate, far-removed office in Atlanta. Buy local, drink local.

Jay the Water Guy is a Proud Member of the Metro Independent Business Association.