About Jay The Water Guy

I love water… and I love providing my customers with the best custom-labeled bottled water possible.

I am the guy who brought you Mendota Springs Sparkling Mineral water in 1982 and, wanting to return to a customer-focused business, launched Custom Water Works in 2000, which would later become Jay the Water Guy.

As a native Minnesotan, I take pride serving my state and the surrounding areas, while offering a product so good you’ll tell your friends. Referrals are the best compliment!

But what I love most about my business goes beyond good water and good design. Talking to people like you makes my day. I never know who my next call will be from-an office manager, a bride, a car salesman, or a son wanting to surprise his father for his 80th birthday. With Jay the Water Guy you get one-to-one service, the way a business should be run.

My Critics