About Jay The Water Guy

I love water… and I love providing my customers with the best custom-labeled bottled water possible.

I am the guy who brought you Mendota Springs Sparkling Mineral water in 1982 and, wanting to return to a customer-focused business, launched Custom Water Works in 2000, which would later become Jay the Water Guy.

As a native Minnesotan, I take pride serving my state and the surrounding areas, while offering a product so good you’ll tell your friends. Referrals are the best compliment!

But what I love most about my business goes beyond good water and good design. Talking to people like you makes my day. I never know who my next call will be from-an office manager, a bride, a car salesman, or a son wanting to surprise his father for his 80th birthday. With Jay the Water Guy you get one-to-one service, the way a business should be run.

Jay’s Personalized Bottled Water

My business is about more than just supplying water. I provide a unique, personalized experience with my products and service for my varied customer base. Whether a customer calls me with a request for bottled water for a business, an event, or even a patriotic sporting day, I ensure that my water bottles are completed professionally and meet all specifications set out by the customer. My personalized bottled water makes the best addition to any business or event, all at a reasonable price. In all my years of operation, I take pride in my track record of consistently providing high-quality products. Repeat clients and referrals speak for us louder than anything I say ever could. To see the look of excitement on a customer’s face when they collect their branded water is what gives me joy. Special occasions are made even more special. Come share the excitement with us! Call us to get started.

My Critics