Frequently Asked Questions

We will make it easy-peasy for you to design your own label sticker. But first, you may have some questions about how to make your label. Custom water labels can come in all shapes and sizes and branded water bottle orders vary all the time. Let’s answer some of the most common questions our customers have.

Dear Water Guy,

My wife-to-be tasked me with ordering custom-labeled wedding water bottles for our Big Day. I’ve been a procrastinating fool and now think I might have waited too long. How fast can you get our order done and shipped? Signed, Slow Poke in St. Cloud

Dear Poke,

Don’t fret. Your bride will never know you waited so long. Step 1: Do you want to design and print your own bottle labels or do you want one of our creative geniuses to get on the job? Design setup fees and label costs will need to be discussed. Step 2: Within a couple of days after you approve your design, the bottles can be out the door and at your function. Stay Thirsty, Jay the Water Guy

Dear Water Guy,

Our Twin Cities company is planning a trade show in sunny Phoenix, Arizona. I think it would be fun to have water bottles with our company’s logo on them. Can your water be shipped? Signed, Booming Business in Burnsville

Dear Booming,

No problem. We can handle everything. We’ll work with you to get your logo designed and formatted on the bottle. The only additional cost aside from the product is the cost of the freight to get it there. Now, put on your Hawaiian shirt and get out in the sun!! Stay Thirsty, Jay the Water Guy

Dear Water Guy,

Why should I order custom-labeled bottled water from you when I can order water from exotic destinations or nationally-known brands? Signed, Skeptic in St. Paul

Dear Skeptic,

Not only will you get personalized, one-on-one service when ordering from me, you’ll also rest assured that your custom-labeled bottled water comes from a clean, clear, local spring. Plus, you can feel good about supporting a Midwestern company that specializes in serving local folks like you. Buy local, drink local. Stay Thirsty, Jay the Water Guy

Have more questions? Contact Jay the Water Guy today about your water bottle sticker design.